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Hello readers and two-wheeler enthusiasts, we welcome you all to yet another fresh blog at MotorBhai, we hope you would be doing absolutely fine and would be in the pink of your health. Have you ever been curious to know which are the vehicles a particular automobile company manufactures which give them the best profits/ margin and the same for the dealer? Well, then today’s article is for you.

Today we would be talking some of the cars which have been highly successful for their respective manufacturers, and they have proved to be very crucial for the company’s profit in India. The list would be too long either-wise, but we would be talking about the big game-changer today only. So, without further wasting any time let us get started!


#1 Hyundai Creta



Currently, India’s highest-selling compact SUV, The Creta has been a huge success for Hyundai ever since its launch in 2015. Currently in its 2nd generation, the Creta sells almost close to 10,000 units per month! Which are absolutely great sales figures for a Compact SUV and also due to this, there is a waiting period for it close to almost 9 months! The Creta might have looks which are not to everyone’s taste but the numerous features which it offers, along with the wide options of engine options & transmissions available makes it everyone’s favorite. Hyundai’s pricing has also been spot-on with the range of the Creta starting from 9.9 lakh to 17.70 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) with which they are able to target a wide range of audience.

#2 Honda City

The name Honda City is more of a legacy than a brand in the automobile industry because of the comfort, driving pleasure, and refinement which it offers, and this makes it one of the most desirable sedans in the segment. Currently in its 5th generation, the City has been in the Indian market for a very long time now. The City used to come only in petrol till its 4th generation, which is the best in segment without a doubt, but with the 5th generation Honda has also given it a 1.5 litre diesel engine to help boost sales. The City has a great resale value as well, and hence it also commands a great demand in the second-hand market as well. The Honda city is priced between ₹ 11.02 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 14.97 Lakh.


#3 Kia Seltos



Kia’s debutant in the Indian market had all the right boxes ticked, and it became a huge success within a short span of time. It also won various prestigious awards from various editorials for being a completely well all-rounded vehicle and it definitely scores well on every department, be it features, engines & transmission on option, comfort, or looks. Similar to the Creta, which is from its sister brand, Hyundai. The Seltos also covers a wide range of audience with its price range starting from just ₹ 9.95 lakh to 17.65 lakhs. (Ex-showroom, Delhi). Both the Creta and the Seltos are made on the same platform, have the same engine options & transmission and even there is a lot of part sharing as well.


#4 Nissan Magnite

If there is one product due to which Nissan has been brought back in action in India, it has to be the Nissan Magnite without a doubt. The Magnite is a sub-compact SUV that has been a game changer for Nissan ever since its launch recently. What sets it apart is its pricing by which it undercuts its rivals by a good margin. The Magnite starts at just ₹5.59 lakhs and goes up to till 10.00 lakhs for the top-end variant. The Magnite comes in two petrol engine options, one of which is the 1.0 naturally aspirated which comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox and the other one being the 1.0 turbocharged which comes with a 5-speed manual as well as a CVT gearbox.


#5 Toyota Innova

The Innova has been the king of the MUV segment since a very long time and it has all the right reasons for it, be it space, power, or the seating capacity, and hence it proves to be one of the most versatile vehicles for touring long distances. The Innova is also one of the most successful vehicles which is used for commercial purpose and fleet and is currently in its 3rd generation. The Innova is although priced at a premium starting from ₹ 16.52 lakh to 24.65 lakhs, but it definitely justifies that once realize its true potential and its long-term usability factor. The Innova has great resale value as well.

#6 Tata Nexon


One of the highest-rated cars in the safety department of Indian car market, The Nexon is a great car in the sub-compact SUV segment which offers a great balance of features, looks and both petrol & diesel options. It also comes in an EV variant, to which the automobile industry is slowly shifting too. The Tata Nexon starts from ₹ 7.19 and goes up to ₹ 12.95 Lakh. (Ex-showroom-Delhi).

All these cars have a minimum waiting period of at least 2 months and are great cars. And with this we would like to end this article here, we hope you have enjoyed reading it, as much we have enjoyed penning down our thoughts. Also, if you are looking forward to buying or selling second-hand two-wheelers do not forget to check out MOTORBHAI for the best deals possible. We hope to see you in yet another article really soon, till then stay safe & ride safe!

Picture Courtesy: official website of Hyundai, Kia, Tata, Honda, Nissan & Toyota

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