A new Bike or a Second Hand Bike! Which is a good Option?

When we decide to buy anything which has a good life we always consider an option of checking the pre-owned options available with us. This is particularly true while buying a two wheeler in India. India has twice the number of two wheelers as of cars hence more options in pre owned categories are available. But, Whether you should go for a second hand bike or a new bike would be the best choice. Our below comparison would surely wither away all your doubts about buying a motorbike.

Why Should you buy a  New Bike:

  1. Intact Warranty : You are buying a new Product directly from Showroom and obviously you need not to worry about any unseen defects in the new motorbike/scooter as you have got a warranty cover from the principal company.
  2. Low Interests on Auto Loans: The interest rates on the new motorbikes/scooters bought on loan is lower than on the second hand motorbikes. Scooter.
  3. The Model/Colour of your Choice: You can get the Model/Colour of your choice   while buying a new two-wheeler from the showroom.
  4. You will be the first owner: You will be the first owner of the Vehicle and can maintain as per your choice. Records will also show you as the first owner of the motorbike/scooter

Reasons to buy a second hand bike

  1. Cost Effective:  Buying a second hand or pre-loved two wheeler would always be a cost effective option because you are going to pay less as compared to a new bike. And if you use platforms like MotorBhai.com where middlemen are not there you can save a lot of money.
  2. Lot of Options: In case of Second hand bikes/two wheelers you get a lot of options , even those models which are discontinued by the OEM can be found in the Second hand  two wheelers market.
  3. Upgrade for less: You can upgrade for less price if you are buying a second hand two wheelers. For example if you want to upgrade to a royal enfield bike from lets say a honda activa you can go for a lower model of royal enfield and pay as less as 20k for the upgrade.  You can get many options for certified two wheelers at motorbhai.com.
  4. Ready Availability of Finance:  Nowadays banking and finance companies can easily finance good conditioned second hand two wheelers. So, with cost effective purchase you can even avail finance on your second hand two wheelers.
  5. Options of AfterMarkets Accessories and Services: When you buy a second hand two wheelers the OEM warranties are generally not applicable on those two wheelers. You can go for makeovers/modification on those two wheelers or have the option to get those serviced at your local mechanic as well because no OEM warranty is going to get void because of this.
  6. Cheaper Insurance: The Insurance for a used second hand two wheeler is cheaper than a new two wheeler. It means that you save your money furthermore.

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