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Top Cars which give the best margins to Auto Dealers.     Hello readers and two-wheeler enthusiasts, we welcome you all to yet another fresh blog at MotorBhai, we hope you would be doing absolutely fine and would be in the pink of your health. Have you ever been curious to know which are the vehicles a particular automobile company manufactures which give them the best profits/ margin and the same for the dealer? Well, then today’s article is for you. Today we would be talking some of the cars which have been highly successful for their respective manufacturers, and ... Read More

Fast selling second-hand cars : MotorBhai

Highly demanding & fast selling second-hand cars     Hello readers & two-wheeler enthusiasts, hope you are doing good, and we welcome you to yet another fresh blog at MotorBhai. In India, buying a car remains one of the most prominent dreams in every middle-class family after investing in property & it is indeed a special investment. With about approximately 35,000 second-hand car dealers in India, The second-hand car market today is providing its customers with a huge variety of cars, from all the segments and it is pretty obvious that a buyer who has no clue about automobiles is ... Read More

How to check your vehicle’s challan online.

    How to check your vehicle’s challan online.     It happens quite a few times that we unknowingly break some traffic laws like skipping the red signal, when the signal is not visible or there is no cop to instruct. Or overspeed in an open stretch, hence breaking the speed limit of that particular area and among various other laws. Well gone are the days, when traffic police use to stop you after breaking the law, and ask you to pay for the fine or in simpler words, which is known as challan. Nowadays as the technology has ... Read More

Why is it good to sell your bike at an Auction? : MotorBhai

  Why is it good to sell your bike at an Auction?     Whenever you are trying to phase out your old bike or scooter, there are many ways by which you can do so, it could be by selling it to a dealer, putting it online on some buying/selling website, sell it to some known individual, among others. But few people know that you can auction your bike to get the maximum value possible on it, and today we would be discussing how is auctioning your bike or any two-wheeler could be more beneficial as compared to other ... Read More

What to expect from Yamaha Tenere 700 : MotorBhai

  Yamaha Tenere 700 : Overview       The adventure segment of motorcycles or the “ADV” has been rising slowly in India with the likes of bikes in various price ranges, starting from the Hero Xpulse, the Royal Enfield Himalayan, KTM Duke 390 Adventure and going to bigger bikes like the Honda Africa Twin, BMW R 1250 GS among others. Not only do they provide the go-anywhere ability, but they can also be used as your daily rider and are built to last.               We previously compared the Royal Enfield Himalayan & the ... Read More

TVS Jupiter Vs Honda Activa 6G : MotorBhai

TVS Jupiter VS Honda Activa 6G.       Scooters have lately become the choice of the masses thanks to their easy maneuverability, low cost of maintenance, high fuel efficiency & various other characteristics. The sales figure of the year 2020, which was close to almost 4,00,000 units for standalone scooters itself, speaks a lot about the high demand and craze for this segment in the Indian market. Even in the second-hand two-wheeler market, there is a huge requirement for scooters by the buyers. The demand is such that every two-wheeler manufacturer in India wants to have its own two ... Read More

Have Jawa bikes failed to shine in India? : Motorbhai

  Have Jawa bikes fail to shine in India?     In the highly competitive Indian automotive industry, sometimes it is quite difficult for some manufacturers to survive and satisfy all the needs of the consumer, due to which they are unable to achieve the numbers they deserve or which they aim for. Reasons for this could vary from brand to brand but we would be talking about a legendary brand today, which failed to get the numbers it deserved in the Indian motorcycle segment.       A very warm welcome to all our readers at MOTORBHAI, in tough ... Read More

Rules for scrapping your old two-wheeler.

  Rules for scrapping your old two-wheeler.     Many of us might have an old two-wheeler in our home which can’t be used further. Some reasons possible for abandoning such vehicles could be because it is too old to use and it has exceeded the 15-year old time period, set by the government. Or the vehicle may have met with a serious accident which has huge expense for the repairs, among others. In these scenarios, some of us usually think of selling the vehicle to scrap rather than selling the vehicle to a third party as the vehicle can’t ... Read More

Activa 5G & Activa 6G Differences: Motorbhai

  Difference between Honda Activa 5G & Honda Activa 6G       What is the most popular scooter in the Indian market which comes into your mind as soon as we talk of the term “scooty”? Well yes, you thought it right. It is the Honda Activa which we think of immediately, and it would not be wrong if we call it the leader of the scooter segment as it is the highest-selling scooter in the past few decades consecutively. The popularity of the Honda Activa is such that it has become a household name, and be it children ... Read More

Upcoming launches by Royal Enfield in 2021 : MotorBhai

Bikes Royal Enfield would be launching in 2021.       Hi guys, and welcome to yet another article on Motorbhai, we hope you are in the best of your health and doing extremely fine.           Royal Enfield as we all know, makes bikes which itself are a dream to own for a lot of people and why shouldn’t they be? After all, they have characteristics that make them different from other mainstream bikes on the road and just have a different vibe altogether.                     Well for ... Read More

Why are there too many two-wheelers on the road?

  Why are there so many two-wheelers on the road?     Ever wondered why do you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam so often? Or why there is a long waiting period on your favorite bike when you book one? Or why is it that there is long waiting for the service of your two-wheeler when you go to a service center? Well, to answer all these questions we would be discussing today on a topic i.e., why are there so many two-wheelers on Indian roads.     Welcome to MotorBhai, a one-stop place for buying and selling ... Read More

Upcoming launches by Hero in 2021 : MotorBhai

  Which all new bikes Hero is going to launch in 2021.     Hi there, two-wheeler enthusiasts and readers and we welcome you to yet another article at Motorbhai. We hope you are in pink of your health and doing extremely fine. In the previous article, we talked about the upcoming two-wheelers by Royal Enfield in India launching this year, and taking this series forward, we would be telling you about all the new launches by not only the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India but in the world as well, which is none other than Hero MotoCorp.     ... Read More

Top 15 Motorcycles of all time : MotorBhai

Top 15 Motorcycles of all time.     Two-wheelers contribute to a major source of a mode of transport which is preferred by Indians today and has been the same for decades. Biking has not just been limited to traveling from place A to B, but it is also a way of relaxation, enjoyment, for a lot of people. And why it shouldn’t be, the joy of riding on open roads, the joy of the wind in your hair is just altogether a different feeling, and the feeling which you get while cruising is just irreplaceable. True biking enthusiasts even ... Read More

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS-6 vs Hero Xpulse 200 : MotorBhai

  Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Hero Xpulse 200     If you are planning to go fully off-road and on long trips, and looking for a great all-round off-road motorcycle, then there is the Royal Enfield Himalayan which comes into anyone’s mind before buying, which has been a great all-rounder bike and has set the benchmark for go anywhere and off-road motorcycles in the past few years and is undoubtedly a very capable & comfortable motorcycle.               But today we would be pitting it against a bike which is a segment below but has ... Read More

KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15 V3 : MotorBhai

  Yamaha R15 V3 vs KTM Duke 200     The Yamaha R15 V3 and KTM Duke 200 have both been iconic bikes in their respective segments and have been hugely successful as well. Although both are quite close when it comes to pricing, it has always been a tough decision to choose between the two when it comes to buying, because they are quite different from each other as well. Well, to solve the same problem we would be comparing them today, and let you know, which would suit you better, according to your needs.         ... Read More
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