Best BS6 Scooters in India

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In today’s day and age, we are coming across many changes that are happening around us, be it in the Automobile sector, where the compact SUVs are in high demand and becoming popular day by day. Or, may it be the technological sector where we can perform most of the tasks from our smartphones itself, the scenario of both these sectors was totally different if we look back a decade ago. 

Talking about changes, which is crucial for all of us in our respective lives, the two wheeler segment has also undergone a significant change with the high demand of scooters from the past few years. The sales figure of the year 2020, which were close to almost 4,00,000 units for standalone scooters itself, speaks a lot about the high demand and craze for this segment in the Indian market. Easy to maneuver, high on fuel economy and style, easy to ride, and low on pocket are some characteristics of scooters which make it popular among both males and females. The demand is such that every two-wheeler manufacturer in India wants to have its own two to three offerings in the segment due to which the competition is incredibly high and the buyer today is spoilt for choices, as there are numerous options available today.

So today, we would be helping you pick the 5 best BS6 scooters available in the market today, which offer the perfect balance of ride, handling, looks and safety features, and with which you cannot go wrong. We would also be discussing if the same variants are available in the second hand scooter market and their respective conditions and pricing. 

#1 TVS Jupiter

One of the major runaway success for TVS  India , it was launched way back in September 2013, it currently has a significant market share in the scooter segment and is the second most highest selling scooter only next to the Honda Activa. TVS has been constantly giving minor updates to attract customers and their effort definitely shows, because of the nifty features it offers and the wide array of color options which is sure to attract a lot youth buyers! TVS offers the Jupiter in 3 variants which are Jupiter STD, Jupiter ZX, & the Jupiter Classic.

The TVS Jupiter is also available in the second hand market in large numbers , starting from 30,000 depending on the make year and would cost you close to around 64,000 for the 2020 BS6 variant. 

Technical specifications 

  • Engine type : Single Cylinder , 4 stroke, CVTi , fuel injection 
  • Displacement : 109.7cc
  • No. of Cylinders : 1 
  • Max Power : 7.47 PS @ 7000rpm 
  • Max Torque : 8.4 Nm @5500 rpm
  • Brakes – Front:  Disc 

               Rear: Drum 

  • Kerb weight : 107 to 109 Kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 6L
  • Fuel Economy :62kmpl (city)

Price Range: 63,497 – 72,427 (Ex Showroom, Delhi)

Features which set it apart

  1. Disc brakes for additional safety and better control.
  2. Wide array for body colors. 
  3. First to offer External Fuel lid. 
  4. Charging point. 
  5. Wide coverage of TVS service centers, Reliable.


  1. Top end trim a bit too expensive considering a 110cc scooter. 
  2. Has started to look a bit dated now, needs a major update to stay strong in the competition.

#2 LML Vespa 

Our second pick in this category, is one of the most retro looking and premium scooter of all times, and it’s the Piaggio Vespa. Which commands a huge fan following worldwide among scooter lovers. Comes with a lot customizable accessories, body styles, and colors which makes it even more eye catching. Add to it the amazing build quality. Although on the pricier side, it is sure to grab eye balls when you own one. And it would the perfect gift for your loved ones. Currently, Vespa offers 9 models in India, but our pick would be the Vespa SXL 125, which is the perfect blend for style and performance. And we personally love that scooter in the shade of blue. Comes in two variants, which are SXL 125 FL CBS BS6 and SXL 125 FL CBS BS6 Racing Sixties.  

Buying a second hand Vespa SXL 125 may seem a great option for some, as the scooter is priced on the higher side, And it is available in the used scooter market for as low as 45k! Although you may not be able to find the 2020 BS6 variant, but you can get the previous year model for some good bargain.

Technical specifications 

  • Engine : Single cylinder, Fuel injected  
  • Displacement : 124.45cc 
  • Max Power : 9.75 PS 
  • Max torque : 9.60 Nm
  • Brakes –  Front : Disc

                           Rear: Drum  

  • Kerb weight : 114 to 115 Kg 
  • Suspension – Front : Aircraft Derived Hydraulic Single Side arm Front suspension with Anti-Dive characteristics 

                                     Rear: Dual – Effect Hydraulic Shock Absorber. With four position adjustable.

  • Fuel Economy : 40kmpl (city)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:7.4 L


Price : 1,15,000-1,21,000 (Ex showroom , Delhi)

Features which set it apart:

  1. Retro styling 
  2. Build Quality 
  3. Full LED headlamp 


  1. Too Pricey
  2. Stiff Ride Quality
  3. Limited service reach.



#3 TVS Ntorq 125 BS6

Another great offering from TVS, which is aimed at more enthusiastic riders, and by looking at it you can definitely tell that. Ride and Handling has also been well taken care of thanks to the stiff suspension. TVS has even offered a separate race variant which comes with cosmetic changes on the outside & a different headlight setup. Also the first in segment to offer fully digital instrumental cluster, it comes with a lot of useful features like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, driving modes indication and it also shows engine statistics, lap timer among other features which definitely make it standout. At 118 Kgs It may be the heaviest scooter in its segment but it doesn’t feel underpowered or heavy in any way at all. Comes in 4 variants which include the Ntorq 125 Drum, Ntorq 125 Disc, Ntorq 125 Race Edition & the Ntorq 125 super squad edition- Disc. 

You can definitely find a second hand BS6 Ntorq in the used scooter market starting from 66k to the topmost 72k for the higher variants. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Displacement :  124.8cc
  • No. of cylinders : 1 
  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder, 4-stroke,SI, Air cooled , Fuel Injected.
  • Max Power : 9.38Ps @7000rpm
  • Max Torque: 10.5 Nm @ 5500rpm 
  • Fuel Capacity : 5.8 L
  • Brakes – Front : Disc 

                Rear : Drum

  • Kerb Weight : 118Kgs
  • Suspension- Front : Telescopic Suspension with Hydraulic Dampers 

                       Rear  : Coil Spring  with Hydraulic Dampers  

  • Fuel Economy : 47kmpl (city)  


Price : 70,555-79,535 ( Ex- showroom, Delhi) 


Features which set it apart 

  • Feature rich, thanks to the LED headlights, Digital instrument console.
  • Looks upmarket.
  • Great Engine which offers improved fuel economy as well.


  • Soft seats which might make you uncomfortable on long rides.
  • Stiff suspension.

TVs Ntorq 125 bs6

#4 Honda Activa 6G BS6

If we are talking about the best scooters and not talk about the king of the segment , which is ruling it for years now, it would be wrong, Yes we are talking about none other than the Activa, which is currently in its 6th generation and goes by the name Activa 6g. Changes include addition of front telescopic suspension, Fuel injection technology,   external fuel lid, and some minor styling tweaks on the front. It has the segment best ground clearance at 171mm which makes it great for most type of roads. Comes with the reliability and great after sales and service of Honda which makes the ownership hassle-free a hassle – free experience. Comes in four variants, which are STD, DLX, Anniversary STD & Anniversary DLX

You can easily find a second hand Activa at a nominal cost like starting from just₹ 21,000 & increasing accordingly to the condition, and the different variants and generation Honda offers. 2020 BS6 variants are also available in the used two wheeler market.

Technical Specifications

  • Displacement : 109.51cc
  • Engine type : Fan Cooled , 4stroke SI engine 
  • No. of cylinders : 1
  • Max power : 7.79PS @ 8000rpm
  • Max Torque : 8.79 Nm @ 5250rpm 
  • Fuel Capacity : 5.3 L
  • Front Suspension : Telescopic
  • Kerb weight : 107 Kg 
  • Rear Susension : 3-Step Adjustable Spring loaded Hydraulic 
  • Fuel Economy : 55km/l
  • Brakes – Front : Drum

                Rear : Drum 

Prices: ₹66,799-₹70,044 (EX-Showroom, Delhi) 

Features which set it apart 

  • Comfortable and Reliable.
  • Very Refined motor 
  • Vast Service Network


  • No Disc Brakes 
  • No Alloys 
  • Lacks some Modern Features


#5 Suzuki Access 125 BS6

Launched way back in 2007, The Access has grown to be one of the most loved scooters by Indians from Suzuki, This scooter almost ticks all the right boxes which a perfect family scooter should do.  Refined, comfortable, spacious & good looking, the Suzuki Access has it all. Currently the entry level scooter in Suzuki’s range, it is also the highest selling 125cc scooter. It may not be the most feature rich in the segment but it definitely makes for that by providing a comfortable ride thanks to its softer suspension, telescopic folks in the front and single sided monoshock in the rear. The Access has not changed much since it was launched, but Suzuki has been constant enough with providing it updates to make it look fresh. Comes in 5 variants which are Access 125 Drum, Access 125 Drum (cast alloy wheels), Access 125 Disc , Access 125 Drum Special Edition , Access 125 Disc Special Edition. 


Since the Suzuki Access 125 is a popular scooter, it is indeed available in the second hand scooter market with great discounts on different year models, ranging from 18,000 to 70,000 depending on the make year. 2020 BS6 variants are also available if we find closely.  

Technical Specifications 

  • Displacement : 124 cc
  • Engine Type :  4 stroke, 1 cylinder , Air Cooled 
  • No. of Cylinders : 1
  • Max Power : 8.7PS @6750rpm
  • Max Torque: 10 Nm @5500rpm 
  • Kerb Weight : 104Kg
  • Fuel Tank capacity : 5L
  • Suspension – Front : Telescopic folks 

                         Rear : Monoshock

  • Brakes – Front : Disc

                 Rear : Drum

  • Fuel Economy : 52.45kmpl (city)

Price : 70,686 – 78,786


Features which set it apart

  • Comfortable Ride 
  • Reliable 
  • Spacious 


  • Not the most feature rich in the segment 

Honda activa 6g

So these were the top 5 BS6 scooters available in the Indian market today according to us,  Your valuable feedback about the above scooters or any other suggestions in this segment  is always open to us  in the comments section below, and we would love to hear your views. So with this we would like to end this article here, and we hope you stay healthy, Stay Tuned for more!

-Anubhav Rawat  

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