Bike Maintenance Hacks

We all love our bikes, don’t we? And we have always wanted to keep them in the perfect conditions at all times, so that they last for the longest time without giving us much problems. Some of us even have emotional attachments to our motorcycles irrespective of any model, brand and hence take really good care of them.

At MotorBhai, A one stop place for selling and purchasing second hand two wheelers. Today we are back with another information filled blog. Maintaining and up keeping of our bikes in the perfect condition is of utmost importance for their longevity and also it helps us to fetch higher prices while selling the bike.  So today we would be discussing 10 crucial tips so that you know how to take care of your bike, and prevent it from any sort of damage and from unwanted expenses in the future. So let’s get started. 


#1 Cleaning and Waxing 

Washing our bikes on a regular basis is indeed very important as we all know, the best way to do this is manually with our hands, using bike shampoo and clean water with a soft towel. We don’t recommend a pressure wash as it may damage your bike’s radiator fins, wheel bearings, or even electrical components. Although, it is good for places where manual cleaning can’t be done, like in the mudguard.

To maintain the shine which we get after we have washed our bikes, we can do waxing so that our bike remains protected from the dust and dirt in the future, Moreover Waxing is a cost effective and easy application which can be done ourselves and requires just a sponge with which the wax is applied and later is wiped from a dry cloth. Although some areas like the chrome should be avoided from wax as   they require their own type of polish.


#2 Changing and checking Engine oil.

Checking and changing the engine oil at the correct time is one of the utmost important thing to ensure the longevity of your bike and sustain its good condition. The functions of engine oil is to reduce internal friction, cools the components the motor and also removes the debris within the motor. All we have to do to check the oil level is by unplugging the dipstick, and also see the condition of the oil as it shouldn’t be black, too thick or too thin or smell burnt. We must also refer to the owner’s manual carefully before pouring in the correct oil and within the correct time period. The engine oil is as important to a bike as blood is to our body hence low engine oil should always be avoided and refueling of engine oil should be done timely.

changing engine oil


#3 Always Park your Bike under Shade 

Another important maintenance hack, we must always park our bike under the shade to prevent the damage to the paint structure and also to prevent evaporation of fuel to some extent.


#4 Chain cleaning and lubrication 

The function of the chain is to deliver the power to the rear wheels. And Cleaning and lubricating the chain periodically is very important, there are various brands in the market which offer chain lubricants for the better functioning and longevity of the chain. This should be done after every certain Kms as specified in the owner’s manual so that the chain doesn’t get rusted. Also, Chain cleaning and lubrication is a very easy process and can be done ourselves without going to a garage or mechanic.

Chain cleaning and lubrication


#5 Change of Air Filter 

The purpose of an air filter is to supply air to the engine so that perfect combustion can take place, and the fuel can be burnt without any issue, so when the air filter is clogged with the dust particles after a long duration, the air cannot pass through and hence combustion doesn’t take place as effectively, due to which overheating can take place which can later cause the engine to seize. Hence changing of air filter is very important within the given time period (mostly it is after 10,000-12,000 kms range). A clean air filter results in increased fuel efficiency, better pickup, performance and greater life of the engine.

Change of Air Filter


#6 Avoid overloading  

Overloading should be avoided, not only due to safety reasons but also because it affects your bike as well, excess of weight can affect not only your engine in the long run but can also decrease the lifetime of your shockers.


#7 Maintaining tyre pressure 

Maintain the tyre pressure of your bike as specified in the user manual, so that there is enough grip in between the tyre and the road and the contact patch is sufficient of the tyre. Moreover if your bike is standing stationary for days, make sure you move it back and forth to avoid flat spots on the tyre which may occur at a particular section.

Maintain the tyre pressure of your bike

#8 Periodic Service 

 Periodic service from an authorized and trained service center is indeed very important to maintain the condition of the bike, so that we get to know the regular updates of our bike or if there is any issue within our bike, In the periodic service as specified in the owner’s manual we must ensure that things like, brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, and battery should  checked thoroughly and refueled. Disc pad wear and tear should also be checked and changed if required at the correct time as brakes are indeed very crucial. We must also go through the peroidic  maintenance chart which is given in the user manual so that we know after how many KMs a certain part needs to be changed for the smooth functioning of our bike.  

#9 Battery

 If we are not using our bike on a regular basis, we must ensure that it is started every 3 days to prevent the battery from dying. Start the bike using Kickstart if it has one, because it allows the engine oil to circulate freely in the engine components. 


#10 Sparkplugs

The main function of spark plug is to burn the fuel inside, and if the sparkplugs aren’t changed timely,  and the fuel isn’t burnt properly, carbon deposits occur,  which reduce the performance of the engine. Hence Sparkplugs should be changed timely.  


With this we hope we have provided with all the maintenance hacks which would help you to increase the life of your bike in the long run, and increase its performance, If there is any point which you feel we may have missed out, then our comment section is always open for your opinions and views. With this we would end this article here, and we thank you for your precious time. 

Ride safe, Stay Safe! 

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