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Selling your Bikes/scooties to MotorBhai

How do I sell my Two-wheelers to MotorBhai?

To sell your Motorbike/scooty you can book an inspection and after the inspection, MotorBhai executive would give you the best prices after running a bid for your vehicle at our various business partners.

Can I sell a motorbike/scooty which is financed by the bank?

To sell a two-wheeler which has been financed by a bank you need to get a foreclosure letter from your bank so that we can clear your dues with the bank. Alternatively, you can also clear the loan before selling the vehicle to us. We shall be withholding some amount with us till the time you provide the NOC from your bank.

Can I sell any kind of two-wheeler on Motorbhai?

Yes, You can sell any kind of two-wheeler on motorbhai and we give you the best possible value for any vehicle. We can even buy scrap two-wheelers. So, you can now sell your two-wheelers at the best prices on MotorBhai.

Inspection of The Two-wheeler

Are there any charges for inspection?

There are no charges for getting your two-wheeler inspection done from MotorBhai. We provide a No-obligation Price Quote for your used second-hand two-wheeler. First, a price range is shared with you over the call and if it is good with you then we conduct a free home inspection of a second-hand two-wheeler.

My Motorbike/Scooty is not getting started. Can I get the inspection done?

Yes, we buy all kinds of two-wheelers which include scooters, MotorCycles, Mopeds, etc. If your vehicle is not getting started you can have the home inspection done and can sell the vehicle to us. 

How much time does a two-wheeler inspection from motorbhai takes ?

There are a lot of checks which are performed on any vehicle in Motorbhai Vehicle Inspection. Usually, it takes 15-20 minutes to complete the inspection of your two-wheeler. 

Post Sales Services

What about the transfer of my two-wheeler once it is sold to MotorBhai?

MotorBhai takes care of the transfer of your vehicle once it is sold to the end-user. We assure the transfer of the second-hand two-wheelers within 120 days from the time we bought it from you. 


I do not Have my Original RC with me. Can I sell my Second-hand bike?

No, To sell your two-wheeler to MotorBhai it is mandatory to the original RC of the vehicle. You can sell your second-hand two-wheeler if the insurance is expired or you don’t have the pollution certificate.

What Documents are required to have to sell your two-wheeler?
  •  Your KYC (Adhaar, Passport, DL, etc)   
  •  Your Cancelled cheque 
  •  Original Insurance 
  •  Pollution certificate 
  •  Second Key 
  •  Original Invoice 
  •  Bank NOC (if the vehicle is financed ) 
  •  Your Pan Card 
  • 4 self-attested Passport sized pic of the Registered Owner


What documentation is given to me once I sell my vehicle to MotorBhai?

You are given a delivery receipt which mentions that after taking the delivery of the vehicle, MotorBhai will be responsible for the transfer of the vehicle. After selling the vehicle you can peacefully continue your life because all the hassle of transferring the vehicle is taken by  MotorBhai.


Can I sell an unregistered vehicle to MotorBhai?

No, Motorbhai do not buy unregistered motorbikes or scooters.

Can I sell a car to Motorbhai?

No, We currently only buy second-hand two-wheeler of all types.

How does Motorbhai pricing work?

Our mission at motorbhai is to get you the best prices possible in the market. We make that possible by having a huge network of dealers who are willing to buy any kind of two-wheeler. The Dealer competes against each other for the vehicle on sale and the end-user gets the best prices possible for his two-wheeler.

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