How does the anti-theft system works in bikes.

With the increasing number of thefts of vehicles in states like Delhi-NCR, the importance of an anti-theft system in vehicles has been increasing at a high rate, and why it shouldn’t be. After all, they lower the risk of getting your vehicle stolen to some extent, and some systems even let you track your vehicle in mis-happenings like these (with the help of SIM tracking which is installed in your vehicle) and it definitely helps in finding the vehicle.

Anti-theft systems have always been present in most cars and can also be installed after-market. But an anti-theft system in two-wheelers could be something that you might not have heard of and are slowly coming into play for the safety of two-wheelers.

And today we would be discussing how does an anti-theft system work in a two-wheeler which would help us understand what goes into making an anti-theft system, how does it function, and what all points to keep in mind so that your anti-theft system doesn’t get affected by any damage in the long run. So, without further wasting any time, let us get started.

What is an anti-theft system?

An anti-theft system or you can call it a vehicle alarm, is a type of device or a method that prevents unauthorized access to your vehicle may it be a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. That is why manufacturers fit such a device to prevent the vehicle from being used by an unauthorized person. The anti-theft system includes devices such as locks and keys, siren/buzzer, wireless transmitter, local alarms, sensors, a global positioning system (GPS), starter disablers and, GPS locators.


How does an Anti-theft system work?

The anti-theft system works with the help of the sensors which are installed on both inside and outside the vehicle, which are activated by any kind of movement or impact. After the sensors are impacted, this triggers the anti-theft alarm system and sounds the alarm. The same happens for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The alarm is raised which notifies the owner or the people around. It is also better to go for factory-fitted anti-theft system as they function better and also have a better life. Bike anti-theft systems are available for two-wheelers for anywhere around ₹500-₹1000 after- market.





  • A diagram giving a brief about the working of an Anti-theft system.

However, we must also note that the anti-theft system alone is not enough for preventing vehicle theft as well-organized crime syndicates are able to bypass such systems and an anti-theft is the most basic kind of safety feature which your vehicle should have.


With this we come to an end of this short article, we hope it would have helped you in some way or the other, please feel free to share your views on the same and do let us know if we forgot to mention any crucial point. Also, do not forget to checkout MOTORBHAI, a one-stop place for the best deals on verified second-hand two-wheelers.

We hope to see you in the next article real soon, till then please stay indoors and stay safe!

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