How to avoid accidents on a two-wheeler.

We have often heard our government talking about safety, forming various new safety rules/regulations, increasing fines on rules, among others. But what is important is that people from within themselves should start following them rather than following them for the sake of avoiding fines.
If we talk about the statistics of some previous years, these were the number of fatalities reported in Delhi alone:
2019: 496
2018: 570
2017: 557
2016: 572
Going by the numbers we can conclude that they are not less by any means and something should be done for decreasing these numbers.
Also, safety is something that should be given priority while we are out on the road rather than talking about how fast we are reaching the destination. Welcome to yet another blog at MOTORBHAI, a one-stop place for buying and selling verified two-wheelers at the best price. Today we would be talking about some ways which could help us avoid accidents on two-wheelers. So, without further wasting any time let’s get started!
#1 Getting your two-wheeler serviced at the correct time.
Unpopular opinion while talking about safety, but servicing your vehicle at the correct time will ensure that all the crucial parts like the brakes, clutch, engine, headlights are working in the perfect working condition and they work perfectly well while you are riding to avoid any mishappening. So, make sure you get the regular service of your vehicle done timely. You can also check out the bike maintenance hacks article for complete information on how to maintain your bike.
Also try to install mods (which are done after-market) on your two-wheeler as less as possible, as sometimes these tend to fiddle with the battery of your vehicle, which may further lead to damage to the electric parts which ensure a safer ride
#2 Wearing all the protective gears.
Indians only prefer to wear Helmets in the name of safety gears, that too only to avoid fines and cops. It’s high time to realize that these measures are for their benefits. Along with helmets other safety equipment like safety jackets, protective gloves, leg guards, among others should also be worn to stay protected if we meet with any mishappening.
#3 Investing in vehicles with safety features
Nowadays, safety has become the prime moto of some manufacturers in the automotive world like TATA Motors, Mahindra, Volvo among others. And we hope soon two-wheeler manufacturers also take this consideration. Till then what we can do is invest in vehicles that have safety features like disc brakes, ABS among others installed in them factory fitted to have better control while riding.
#4 Following Traffic signals and road manners.
Following the road manners are very important not only for our safety but also for other people on the road. And people not following these, are the major reason why most mis-happenings occur. Driving on the wrong lane, over-speeding, overtaking from the wrong side, not following simple traffic signals are the major cause of mis-happenings. Hence, we urge you to follow these rules.
People nowadays in hurry, often tend to skip traffic signals too, thinking that it will save time, but what is the point of saving time while putting your life at risk?
#5 Avoid using Mobile Phones
Using mobile phones while driving two and four-wheelers is also a major cause of distraction while driving. Which causes mis-happenings. There is also a hefty fine if caught using mobile phones while driving.
#6 Avoid Bad weather conditions and night driving.
Always choose to avoid bad weather and night driving as much as possible. During un-favorable conditions like rain or storm, there are high chances of losing traction/control while riding and moreover visibility is poor too. Also, night driving is no different, as visibility is poor and if not necessary always try to skip these situations.

#7 NO to drunk driving
As the statement clearly says, please avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol. This is highly dangerous for the rider as well as other people on road.

With this, we would like to end this article here. Remember, a single person’s life lost is someone’s whole universe lost. So, it is highly advisable to take care of ourselves not only on the road but otherwise as well.
We will soon be back with yet another information-filled article, till then we hope you and your loved ones are in the best of your health. If you wish to express your views on the topic, have any doubts regarding two-wheelers, or feel we have missed out on any crucial point, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Till then
Stay safe Stay Indoors!

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