How to check the ownership of a second-hand two-wheeler.

Whenever we go out looking for a two-wheeler in the second-hand market, we have to keep certain things in mind so that we can make the correct decision. May it be any model, variant, or brand. Certain inspections and document verification are very important to ensure that we put our money on the correct vehicle to get a hassle–free experience in the future.

If you are buying a second- hand two-wheeler from any of your friends, dealer, or any other leads, we will tell you How to check the ownership of a second-hand two-wheeler status of the vehicle and make sure it is not stolen, and free from any of the ownership fraud just by sitting in your home.

Welcome to MotorBhai,  A one-stop place for selling and buying used two wheelers. We hope you are riding safe and are in great health while we discuss today what are the key- points which we should keep in mind while checking the ownership of a second-hand scooter/bike.

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  • Registration Certificate (RC)

Before buying any used two-wheeler or even four-wheeler, one must ensure to check the RC of the vehicle and see if it is original or not. The RC may differ depending on various states and their RTO. To check if the RC belongs to the same person from whom you are buying the vehicle, and to check if the RC is of the same vehicle, you can check it online or even from government apps like mParivahan, RTO vehicle information app, and various other third-party apps. By filling in the registration number of the vehicle on these apps, you can see the various information related to the vehicle like,

  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Maker
  • Ownership Details
  • Vehicle Class
  • Vehicle body type
  • RC issue and expiry date
  • Information related to Insurance and Insurance company
  • Engine no. & Chassis Number
  • Finance related information of the vehicle among others

Now if you are having all these details with you, you must know how to use it effectively to verify the owner and the vehicle. For this, we advise you to check the vehicle physically and meet the owner in person and avoid online dealing.

How to check the ownership of a second-hand two-wheeler in india


You can verify the vehicle by checking the physical RC from the owner and matching the details like the registration number and chassis number to the vehicle and also you can verify the owner by   cross -checking from the app and to the physical RC. Also, one of the most important things to check is, if the vehicle is not under any kind of loan, you can check this by checking it in the vehicle financer section of the RC. Moreover, to verify the identity of the owner you can ask him/her for any kind of identity proof like Aadhar card, Voter ID card among others. With all this information verified, we can further proceed with the buying procedure of the vehicle. Now we must tell you these are not the only checks which are required when we buy a second-hand vehicle. We also must go through the physical and riding inspection of the vehicle properly and go through other important documents like,

  • Form 35 and NOC from the bank.
  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Pollution Under Contol Certificate. (PUC)
  • Sales Reciept.
  • Road Tax Certificate.
  • Transfer Deed.
  • Some Forms are needed to be filled to, which are forms 28,29,30 and need to be submitted to the RTO office.

About which, which we would be discussing later with you in brief. With this, we hope we have help you in making the correct decision, and informed you about all the important aspects in brief, which we need to keep in mind while buying a second hand- vehicle. We would be really glad to know your views, thoughts and if there are any points which we might have missed in the comments section below. Your feedback is very valuable for us. And with this, we would like to end this article here and we promise to bring such information related articles for you in the future.

Till then, ride safe and we hope to see you soon!


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