How to check the price of a second hand bike

Planning to sell your bike. Let me warn you, you are going to enter a state of inertia due to the confusion of the pricing of various buyers in the market. And you are going to face a lot of people offering different prices while you try to sell your old bike. But if you are a pro and know the actual value of your bike; you are bound to get a satisfactory price for your bike. This piece of information will not make you a pro but will definitely help you to understand the fair value of your bike. So, let’s jump right in- 

Consider the below points to have an idea of the fair selling price for your two wheeler- 


    1. The Purchase price of your Two Wheeler- The Purchase price is an indication of a value of a second-hand bike/scooter only if you are selling your bike in the first or second year of your purchase. Also, once the vehicle is out of the showroom and it is registered in your name a good amount is discounted due to this only.
    2. The Condition of your Two wheeler- The price of your second hand two wheeler is directly proportional to the condition of your motorbike/scooter. If your vehicle is having dent and scratches everywhere and requires a lot of work in the engine and other mechanical parts. Some might even refuse to take your vehicle in light of that. But you can always get your two wheeler valued and get your instant payment from 
    3. The Ownership- If the two wheeler you are trying to sell was bought from you from a second hand two wheeler market then the value obviously will be down. And if you are the third owner or fourth owner the market value will keep going down even if the vehicle condition is very good. 
    4. The Odometer Reading – If your bike/scooter is driven a lot the value of the two wheeler will go down even if the condition is good. The More the usage the more is the loss of the machine this is what is assumed. 
    5. The Documentation- If you are having the complete documentation of the vehicle like Insurance and Pollution and there is no outstanding challan. Then you may expect better pricing for your second hand two wheeler.
    6. No Claim Bonus- If your No claim bonus in your comprehensive policy is zero that means that you have already taken an accidental claim on your two wheeler. This will further reduce the price of the two wheeler. 
    7. The popularity of the model- This is one of the important factors which determines the value of the motorbike/scooter you are trying to sell. As there would be more buyers of a popular vehicle and there will be no takers for a less popular vehicle or which has been discontinued from the market. So, a splendour will fetch you more prices than a Dream Yuva. 
    8. The buyer- You get the best value for your second hand motorbike/scooter when you sell it to the right co./person. There would be a lot of local dealers who would try to buy your bike in less so as to earn more. You should trust the companies like which helps you with transparent pricing of your bike. 
    9. Barter or Cash- If you are planning to barter your old two wheeler for a new two wheeler then our advice would be to avoid that because you increase the intermediary in terms of showroom which also sells it further to an organised or unorganised player. So, always trust organised players like for selling your second hand two wheelers in best prices and reliable manner. 
  • Modifications- If you have done modifications on your second hand motorbike than either it should be reversible and you should have the original OEM parts or the value of your bike can be very low.


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