How to check your vehicle’s challan online.



How to check your vehicle’s challan online.



It happens quite a few times that we unknowingly break some traffic laws like skipping the red signal, when the signal is not visible or there is no cop to instruct. Or overspeed in an open stretch, hence breaking the speed limit of that particular area and among various other laws.

Well gone are the days, when traffic police use to stop you after breaking the law, and ask you to pay for the fine or in simpler words, which is known as challan. Nowadays as the technology has advanced, there are speed and detection cameras installed on various roads which track the number plate of your vehicle if you are over-speeding, or break the signal, then the fine is registered against your vehicle which is posted online on the respective website, and a copy of the challan is also sent to your home.


A very warm welcome to all our readers at MotorBhai, we hope you would be doing great, and would be absolutely fine. Today we would be instructing you how you can check your vehicle’s challan online, if there is any and it is an easy process. So, without further wasting any more time, let us get started!


Open the website from any of the browsers.

Step -2

Click on “Check Challan Status” from “Check online services” which can be easily seen on the top pane. After this you can check your challan from 3 resources, which are:

  • Challan Number (If your challan has already been registered, you will be provided with this.)
  • Vehicle Number and some other details.
  • DL Number.



Click on any of these, fill the required details to check your challan by clicking on “get details” and then you will be easily able to see if there is any pending challan and you can pay it. You can also download the receipt of the challan after paying for any other purpose.



A screenshot showing the challans which have been paid by the vehicle’s owner.

With this we hope we would have helped you in checking your e-challan and pay for it, if there is any. And with this we would like to end this short article here, Also, do not forget to checkout MotorBhai if you are looking forward to buying or selling second-hand two-wheelers. We would see you in yet another article really soon, till then Stay safe, Ride Safe and stay away from speed detection cameras 😉 !

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