How to make your scooter shine like new!


We have previously talked about the overall maintenance of our two-wheelers, its importance and how we can apply it to increase the longevity of our bikes and scooters. Maintaining our two-wheelers in terms of cleanliness is also very important and we would be talking, in particular about scooters today, And also about the cleanliness of their dashboard which age very easily and look dated.



A very warm welcome to all our readers at MOTORBHAI, and we welcome you all in this article where we tell some simple tricks which could help you in making you scooter’s look brand new and dust-free.

We would be explaining you the procedure step wise for an easy follow up for different parts of the scooter, so let us get started,

  1. Dashboard
  • Cleaning it with Shampoo or Coconut oil.

Gently pour mild water on the dashboard and make sure the dashboard is wet on most area for further procedures.

Pour the shampoo on the wet dashboard and try to spread it on most of the area including the glass panel of the instrumental cluster using hands or a brush. Avoid using the shampoo on electrical areas like the switches. After 3-4 minutes of completely applying the shampoo, clean the dashboard again with water. Wait for 5-6 minutes after letting it dry completely. You can take a normal shampoo like Clinic Plus for this process.


Again, repeat the same procedure of pouring the shampoo on the dashboard and spreading it on most of the area with hands and then rub it with a micro-fiber cloth thoroughly this time.  With this, we are done with the first trick of cleaning the scooters’ dashboard.



Secondly, what you can also do is, clean the dashboard using coconut oil as after the rain the cleanliness from the shampoo might be ineffective. Let us explain you the steps.




Gently pour mild water on the dashboard and make sure the dashboard is wet on most area and then clean it with a micro-fiber cloth.

Pour the coconut oil on the dashboard and spread it on most of the area using hands thoroughly including on the glass panel of the instrumental cluster and then later rubbing it with a cotton cloth for finishing touches. Leave it for a while and you are done. This won’t lose its shine even on rains for a considerable amount of time.


  1. Body Panels.

First, clean the scooter with water completely. After it is done, you can apply foam wash for cleaning using shampoo on the body panels. Avoid using normal hair shampoo as it can degrade the quality of your paint. So, we would recommend you to use a shampoo which is specifically made for washing purposes of body panels of vehicles like 3M Car care pro washing shampoo.

Using a microfiber cloth, clean the body panels thoroughly with the foam created from the shampoo. After some time, rinse off the foam on the scooter with water completely. You can also use hard clay for removing stains that are stuck in the paint.




After being done with foam washing and cleaning with clay you can also polish your vehicle using wax. Apply this wax on the painted surface and avoid using it on plastic parts like the dashboard as it will leave marks there. After 5-10 minutes, gently clean it with a microfiber cloth, and you are done with cleaning the painted body panels.

  1. Rear View Mirrors

You can clean the glass area of the mirrors easily with a spray like Colin with the help of a Micro- fiber cloth thoroughly, and you would get the perfect shine. The same procedure can also be performed for the headlights and taillights of the scooter.



  1. Tires

Use high-pressure water from pipes for the washing of tires as the tires usually have dust particles which do not come out easily. After washing it completely with water, you can clean it with shampoo foam and a dry cloth thoroughly to get a complete shine. After this is done use polish for the upkeep of the shine for a longer duration of time.





  1. Plastic Panels

For plastic panels and parts like the rear mudguards or the front footrest area, you can use the same procedure as for the body panels but avoid using wax, and instead of it, you can use specific polish from MotoMax after cleaning, for the upkeep of longer duration of the shine.

  1. Disc Brakes

If your scooter has disc brakes for additional safety and better control while riding, you can check out one of our blogs here in which we have completely explained their maintenance tips and how to clean them for their longevity.





  1. Avoid spraying or letting water or any kind of foam inside the exhaust as it can damage the engine performance.
  2. Use micro-fiber cloth instead of cotton cloth for dry cleaning.
  3. Use the best quality shampoo and wax which are specifically made for the cleaning of body panels of the vehicles.




With this we hope we would have helped with these simple DIY tricks to clean of scooter and make it look brand new in almost no cost. If you have found it useful you can check more of our information-related articles here.

Also, if you feel we have missed out on any crucial point or you need to give any kind of feedback, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below, as your feedback is very crucial for us.

With this, we would like to end this article here and we wish to see you in yet another blog real soon.

Till then, Stay Healthy and Ride Safe!





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