How to prepare for RTO test for two-wheeler driving.

A very warm welcome to all our readers at MOTORBHAI. We hope you are in great health and doing absolutely fine. We welcome you all to yet another information-related blog, which today, is gonna be for our young riders who are learning to ride and are soon going to apply for their driving license. Today we would be telling you how to prepare for your driving license test for your two-wheeler, which is quite an easy process and can be mastered with patience and a bit of practice.



The test for driving license on two-wheelers in most RTOs across India generally requires one to drive his/her two-wheeler through an “8” pattern which is painted on the road or marked with cones. The examinee is supposed to go through the 8 on their two-wheeler without keeping his foot on the ground and he/she must not stall the vehicle. An RTO officer keeps an eye on the examinee. As easy as this process may sound, some people fail the test due to nervousness, lack of practice, or even overconfidence. So today we would be telling you how you can master the technique and all the important points which you should keep in mind so that you can pass the test easily.


So now, without further wasting any more time, let us get started!


Learner’s Driving Test

Before appearing for your permanent driving license exam, you would be required to pass a short test on road safety in which you would be asked some basic questions about road safety and  identify some road and traffic signals, in an online MCQ format. The test is quite easy and you can go through a pdf which would help you, whose link we have provided.




Keep Calm & Patient.

This is the most important thing to do if you ask us while giving the permanent driving license test. You need not be nervous, and just calmly ride your two-wheeler through the designated track. There is no particular time limit to complete the test, and you must take complete advantage of this. It is just a test at the end of the day and nobody is after your life if you do not pass. Just drink water before the test and stay positive before you go on the track!






Practice, Preparation

Before you go to give the test, just practice making an 8 on your two-wheeler before a day or two in an empty area without stalling the vehicle and without putting your foot down. This will not only help you on the test day but will also increase your confidence, and you will also get to know what mistakes you have made, and you can improve them too. Make sure you practice on the same vehicle on which you are going to give the test so that you know exactly how much effort is required on the clutch, accelerator, and most importantly, how to manage the bodyweight of the vehicle and balance it while turning. Also, it will let you know in which gear you are most comfortable in, if it is a geared vehicle. It is also advised to practice with someone who already knows how to ride a two-wheeler for additional safety. Try to practice on a low engine displacement bike or a scooter for the test as they are easy to maneuver and handle.


Turn Indicators & Helmet.

While giving the test make sure you give the indicators of specific direction in which you are moving and make sure you wear a helmet which is mandatory while giving the test and while riding as well. Otherwise, you would not be eligible to take the test.




Make sure that you take all the crucial documents of the vehicle which you are riding on the day of tests like the Pollution control certificate (PUC), insurance, and a valid registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle as they are checked by the officer in some RTOs. And most importantly, the old form which had been issued while you gave your learner driving test, which is proof that your learners’ license has been issued, with the stamp of the RTO and your signature. Other important documents include your learner’s driving license, Aadhar card, and PAN card.


With this, we hope we have helped you in letting you know how to prepare and what all points to keep in mind while you appear for your driving license test for two-wheelers. We hope this article has helped you, and if there are any feedback or views from your side, do let us know in the comments section below as your feedback is very valuable for us. With this, we would like to end the article here and we hope to see you soon!



Till then ride safe and stay healthy!


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