How to take care of the self start of your two-wheeler.

Self-start in two-wheelers is one of the most useful features which has made riding even more convenient in city and day to day commutes. Today, we would be looking at some ways by which we can assure that the self-start of your bike lasts for a longer time and does not get affected in the long run.

Before starting let us explain you about the working of the self-start button in brief. The components involved in the self-start system are

  • Solenoid which has the coils.
  • Iron Rod or Plunger (this iron rod has a return spring, which stops supplying current to the solenoid as the ignition switch stops)
  • Shaft


  1. As we press the self-start button, The current flows from the battery to the solenoid. The solenoid has coils inside it, in which the current flows.
  2. As the current flows through the coils, the iron rod gets attracted and moves forward.
  3. Now as soon as there is a movement of the iron rod, there are two important circuits which get closed. As soon as the circuit is completed, the circuit of battery and the starter motor gets completed. Now due to the completion of this circuit, the starter motor gets current and it starts rotating.
  4. Now as the starter motor starts, it has shaft, which consists of the pinion and they both (pinion and shaft) start rotating.
  5. Now the pinion in the starter motor is attached to the flywheel through rotor or belt. And with the rotation of the pinion, the flywheel starts rotating too. The rotational energy has now reached the flywheel. The flywheel is connected to the crankshaft. And now the crankshaft is in rotation too.
  6. The crankshaft is connected to the pistons through a connecting rod, and now there is a reciprocation of the pistons.
  7. Now intake stroke happens, charges are consumed, compression and power stroke takes place and engine finally gets power.


The ignition switch of a bike also consists of a return spring, so that as soon as you remove the key, it springs back and turns off the starter switch. The primary function the return spring is to prevent the starter motor from turning more than it has to, in order to start the engine and to prevent the engine from getting damaged.


How to prevent the self-start from being damaged.



  1. Starting your bike at the start of the day by kick-starting.

Always start your bike by kick start rather than self-start or push button start, when it is the first start of the day, mostly in morning. The primary reason being that, in the night, a lower temperature makes the ambient temperature of the bike low and hence, it is difficult to start the bike. And if we start the bike from the self-start system at this time, the starter requires extra effort to draw the current from the battery due to lack of friction, hence it puts more load on the starter. Also, the battery is also in inactive state as the temperature is quite low.

Once the bike starts, it is also advised to let it warm for some time before riding, for the betterment of the carburetor system.


  1. Regular service

Regular and timely service of your bike from a professional and authorized service center will prevent any sort of damage, and they will also inform you about any minor defect which could later cause a bigger problem in the future, not only for self- start system but also for other parts as well. Always get the components of the starter system checked during the service for longevity of the self-start system.


  1. Battery checkup

The battery is the most important component of a motorcycle as all the electrical components are linked to it, and without a healthy battery, smooth functioning of the components is not possible. It is advised to get the battery checked at a regular interval of time, as a weak battery can harm other electrical components as well with poor output.

  1. Avoid using it unnecessarily or whenever it is not functioning well.

Avoiding using the self-start unnecessarily, like when the bike’s ignition is already ON, if it is making weird sounds on using or using it when it is not functioning properly. This could lead to more wear and tear of the self-start system.

With this we hope we have well informed you about all the precautions you should take for the longevity of your self-start system. You can read about other maintenance tips about two-wheeler here on our website as well.  If you feel we have missed out any crucial point or you would like to add up your own views or any kind of feedback, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below. We highly appreciate your feedback.


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Till then Ride safe & Stay healthy!


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