Online tools you must have to enhance you your automotive business.

Looking forward to start your own automotive business? Well, online tools & applications are very crucial if you want your automotive or any online business to grow at a great speed. Not only do they make your business strategies stronger, but they also help you reach out to a larger audience within a shorter period. Today in the online world, many apps out there help you to do so. And today we will tell you some of the most useful applications which can help you!


Welcome readers and two-wheeler enthusiasts to yet another informative article, at MotorBhai. Today we would be discussing something unrelated to two-wheelers or four-wheelers and would be focusing on how you could grow your online automotive business, and more specifically on areas like marketing, sales, or content creation. We have also provided the links from where you can use them.  So, without wasting any further time let us get started with the list of some most useful apps.











Who does not promote their business on social media nowadays? is a website where you can create images or posts, for the promotion of your business on various social media platforms. You can edit your images, design content, and even edit PDF files and it’s a great alternative to Adobe photoshop. It has a very easy user interface and even beginners can get used to it in no time. is a website for desktops and currently, it does not have an app for smartphones.






  1. SkedIT

    Many times it happens that we are unable to follow up on our leads after adding them to the broadcasting group or any other group on WhatsApp after knowing that they are interested in buying, and it becomes quite difficult to reach all of them. Also, automation of messages is not available in WhatsApp. To solve this problem, you can use Sked IT for automatically sending messages from your phone to the targeted WhatsApp groups or individual contacts. You only have to set up this app and assign the groups to which the messages must be sent, along with the content, description and other important details and just schedule it with the timings. This way you can schedule the messages on WhatsApp for clients!





  1. Clipstack

Either in the automotive business or any other business, there are certain questions which every consumer asks, like what are the modes of payments, time of delivery, how does your business work, process for placing an order, is refund or exchange available or not, among others. To save your time and energy by thinking to answer each one of them individually, you can use Clipstack to store the answers for these kinds of questions. Post which, it would take hardly a couple of seconds to copy and paste the answer to these questions from the templates, hence saving time.






  1. Instamojo

This app will help you in taking the payments from the customers. There are many resellers, retailers which take payment only through one certain kind of getaway like Paytm, UPI, net banking, among others. So, this becomes a problem for the customer while paying as he might not be using those platforms. For resolving this issue, you need a particular getaway, which you can give to your customers, and they can confidently pay using that getaway without any issue. Using Instamojo, you can create your own payment link, and register your company. This payment link can be circulated to your customers, and they can directly credit the amount to your bank account. You can register on their website to create your own payment link, and they charge a mere 2-3% of every payment from your order.






5.  Mailchimp


We all know how much importance email networking holds in business especially in automotive businesses. Most sellers ask their customers for their Email ID for daily updates regarding their order or a product. But many businesses who operate in a small scale do not use email marketing for expanding their business rather they use WhatsApp for spreading about their business, which is not a great idea. Email marketing is very effective and can take your business to new heights. You can share much more details like catalog, product link among various others on E-mail networking. After you have collectively saved few of your customer’s email, you can create your own website and even automate your emails. Using Mailchimp, you can design your email, its style of writing, templates, do the branding of your products in a subtle way and even send free emails to about 2000 of your customers!



So, these were 5 apps/ tools which could help you in your automotive or any other online business in sales, marketing, payment, or even content creation. Most of these are available on the App store and are easily downloadable. Do let us know your experience after using these apps and let us know which one you found the most useful.

We hope you have found this article quite helpful. And we would like this article here. We will see you in a new blog soon, till then stay safe & ride safe!

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