Rules for scrapping your old two-wheeler.


Rules for scrapping your old two-wheeler.



Many of us might have an old two-wheeler in our home which can’t be used further. Some reasons possible for abandoning such vehicles could be because it is too old to use and it has exceeded the 15-year old time period, set by the government. Or the vehicle may have met with a serious accident which has huge expense for the repairs, among others. In these scenarios, some of us usually think of selling the vehicle to scrap rather than selling the vehicle to a third party as the vehicle can’t be used further (Unless and until you are ready to bear a huge expense for an accident-met vehicle). But there are some points which we need to keep in mind before we scrap our old two-wheeler as there could be many problems arising, which we would be talking about later in this article if we do not follow these measures.







So, we welcome you all to yet another information-filled article on MOTORBHAI, a one-stop place where you can buy and sell verified two-wheelers at the best prices possible and we would be discussing today, what are some rules before scrapping your two-wheeler. So, without further wasting any time, let us get started!



Canceling the vehicle’s registration from the RTO.



Same way as we had to register our two-wheeler in the RTO when we buy it, the same way we have to cancel its registration from the RTO when we have to sell it to a scrap dealer, or when we are not using it completely. As it can happen, that if we sell our vehicle to a scrap dealer, and the dealer sells it to someone who uses the vehicle in some illegal activities, resulting in which, our names will get involved in the incident too if we haven’t canceled its registration. Hence it is also better if we sell the vehicle in parts.



Now what we have to do is, we have to take the vehicle to the RTO office, where its registration number, chassis number gets de-registered. Once these formalities are done, we have full rights to sell our vehicle to the scrap dealer. We also have the choice to carry the same registration number for some other vehicle of our own choice.




You can also get a scrapping certificate from the scrap dealer which would also help you in de-registration of the vehicle at the RTO. Along with the scrapping certificate, you would also need the ID plate and registration documents of the vehicle.





Inform the Insurance company about the de-registration of the vehicle as well. And do not hand over the insurance & registration papers to the scrap dealer.



So, this was a short article on how you can be careful while scrapping your old two-wheeler. We hope this article would have helped you in some way or the other. If you feel we have missed out on any crucial point or you wish you feel to give any sort of feedback, please let us know in the comments section below. Your feedback is indeed very important for us.



With this, we end this article here.

Stay safe, stay indoors!


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