Should you invest in a second-hand two-wheeler.

Should you invest in a second-hand two-wheeler.

Whenever we think of investing in a second- hand vehicle, there are a lot of if and buts which come in our mind before buying. Today we will tell you 7 points, explaining if you should invest in a second-hand vehicle or not. So, we welcome you all to yet another information-filled blog at MOTORBHAI. Let us get started!

#1 If you are learning to ride.

Buying a second-hand two-wheeler depends upon your conditions. If you are a new rider who has to start learning how to ride a motorcycle, we would suggest you learn riding on a second-hand bike, because even if god forbid, you hit the bike somewhere, or if there is even minor damage on the bike while learning, trust me it won’t hurt as much it would on a new bike! You can definitely opt for a brand new bike if you are a skilled driver!

#2 For trying different bikes and if you have budget constraints.

Secondly, if you have the zest to try out different bikes, ride them for a short period of time (and later sell them) and you also have budget constraints, then opting for second- hand bike which is in great condition could be a great option, as you can get the experiences of different bikes, and moreover, it will not cause a hole in your pocket!


#3 Building your own project two-wheeler.

Third, If you are planning to build your own project bike or any other project second hand two wheeler, by self-tuning its engine, or by upgrading any of its components, and you do not wish to spend that hefty amount on a new bike (because anyhow you have to upgrade its engine and re-tune its components), then opting for a mint condition second-hand bike could be a great option as it will save you some bucks which you can add up to later customize it! But one must make sure that the second-hand vehicle is in good engine and body condition. If budget is not an issue, you can definitely choose a brand new bike!

#4 If you are getting a good deal.

In some cases, people sell their vehicle due to many possible reasons which could be financial, personal among others, just after using it for few months, and the bike has done merely a couple of thousand kilometers. In this case, it is a good opportunity for the buyer as he can get approximately 30% off on the actual price on an almost new bike that has not been driven much. Most of these bikes in these conditions are high-end sports bikes that have not been driven much and are in great condition.


#5 Availability of older models

Some older models like the Royal Enfield Classic or a Yamaha RX100 among others, which have been discontinued, might hold a special place in your heart and you might have dreamt of owning them. You can definitely consider them buying second-hand if you get them in great condition, and at a good price. So buying an extremely special bike which has been discontinued as of now, for yourself which you admired, could also be a reason why you could be investing in a second-hand two-wheeler.

#6 Shortage of time & buying in bulk

Sometimes, a particular bike has a lot of waiting period on it for months, because of its high demand in the market. The same happens for cars as well. If you cannot afford to wait for such a long duration of time, then you can definitely check that bike in the second-hand two-wheeler market. You can get most of the models in the second-hand market and also the time required to transfer and handing over the bike to you, would be much less as compared to a brand new one.

Also, if you are considering to buy two-wheelers for your business in bulk, buying from genuine second-hand two-wheeler dealer could be a great option, as there are high chances of getting a hefty discount on the total bikes bought.


#7 Buying from a genuine source.

The seventh point is a reminder that you should only buy a second hand two- wheeler if it is from a genuine & trusted firm/dealer or source, with complete documents checked and both physical and riding condition done by the buyer physically before, so that you do not have a problem in future regarding the running of the bike, and there are no major future expenses on the repairing of vehicle as well. You can definitely check out  for the same, and our wide range of two wheelers which are inspected in each parameter. And are available at the best deals with complete insurance and other important documents.

These were some conditions due to which you might consider investing in a second-hand two-wheeler. You can definitely opt for a brand new two-wheeler in other cases as for that extra amount you get peace of mind for its durability and its various parts being in better condition, and you do not have to think twice of its previous ownership, KMs driven among other factors. Also, it might happen in some cases that your favourite bike is not available in your favourite colour or variant in the second-hand two-wheeler market, so in that case, you are left with no other option, except to buy that particular bike brand new.

With this, we would like to end this article here, & we hope we would have helped you in making a decision. You can check more of our articles related to second-hand two-wheelers in which we have talked about ownership verification, documents to check while buying a second-hand two-wheeler among others. Also, if there is any feedback or views from your side, or if you feel we have missed out on any point, do let us know in the comments section below as your feedback is very important to us. And also let us know which one would you choose among the two and why!


We hope to see you  in yet another information-filled blog soon, Till then Stay Healthy and Ride Safe!


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