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Top 15 Motorcycles of all time.



Two-wheelers contribute to a major source of a mode of transport which is preferred by Indians today and has been the same for decades. Biking has not just been limited to traveling from place A to B, but it is also a way of relaxation, enjoyment, for a lot of people. And why it shouldn’t be, the joy of riding on open roads, the joy of the wind in your hair is just altogether a different feeling, and the feeling which you get while cruising is just irreplaceable. True biking enthusiasts even consider it a therapeutic and even stress-relieving activity which we can understand.








The culture of biking has been very active in India, and there are numerous groups and communities which are formed for long bike rides, and meet-ups which we feel is an amazing way to meet people who have the same enthusiasm for bikes as you and also is a great way of relaxation and meeting different people from various backgrounds. These groups are sometimes formed by manufacturers as well, for their customers for a great experience.





Welcome to MOTORBHAI, a one-stop place which you can trust for selling and buying verified second-hand two-wheelers at the best price, we hope you would be doing  fine  and we hope you and your loved ones are in great health. Talking about motorcycles, we would be talking about the top 15 motorcycles of India today, which are not only very popular and successful but are also enthusiasts’ favorite. So, without further wasting anytime let’s get started! Do note that they are not in any particular order.



#1 Bajaj Pulsar








The highly popular Bajaj Pulsar has been a go-to bike for customers if they are looking for an economical bike that gives a great performance in the city as well. And hardly there is anyone who has not heard the Pulsar brand in the Indian biking segment. Used to come in various engine segments like 150cc,180cc and the 220cc segment among others but now the sales of a few of the engines have been discontinued due to BS-6 norms. After-sale service has also been a great positive for Bajaj.



#2 Royal Enfield Classic 350












No sports bike or commuter bike can match the level of riding experience which a Bullet offers. And the vintage looks just make it impossible to make it go unnoticed. What makes it even more pleasing is that it is quite impossible for people to not take notice of you while you are riding a RE because of the impression of the loud exhaust, which helps it distinguish from other bikes and the appeal of the overall classic design which it offers. Still, owning a Royal Enfield has been a dream for many. Royal Enfield offers a slew of amazing products in the Indian Motorcycle segment, but the Classic 350 just remains in a league of its own.



#3 Hero Splendor










The Hero splendor has been the highest-selling motorcycle in India for the longest duration of time, and this legendary bike does not need any introduction to why it has been so. Most popular among the masses and one of the most reliable and economical bike as well. It has been the backbone of India in the Indian motorcycling segment and there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the household “Splendor” name. We strongly recommend this bike to someone who is learning to ride.




#4 Suzuki Hayabusa









If you are a biking enthusiast or even if you are not, you must have heard of the name, The “Hayabusa”. We all know the massive fan following the Suzuki Hayabusa commands in the motorcycling world and it has been a dream for every biking enthusiast to own one, one day. And with the 2021 update which is going to be launched soon in India, it indeed has huge shoes to fill of its predecessor. Powered by the same 1340cc engine which produces a maximum power of 190PS@9700RPM and torque of 150NM@7000RPM. Although the power and torque are down by 10BHP and 5NM as compared to the previous-gen, Suzuki has worked extensively on the electronics front by offering features like 6 riding modes, 10 level traction control, 3 level power selector, among others. This undoubtedly has to be one of the most anticipated launches of 2021.



#5 KTM Duke 390





One of the most favorite naked sports bike of India, the KTM duke 390 is very popular among the youngsters of India. Huge modifications are available for this bike, and KTM has been been very successful with this product in India. Soon to come with a major update in 2021 along with an updated RC 390.


#6 Yamaha YZF R15 V3










Anyone who is looking for a bike that is practical enough for daily use, and equally sporty on the track, the Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is for them. This bike has a great combination of a daily commuter along with the racing characteristics of a fairing sports bike. The only drawback of this bike is the seating position, which could be tiring on long rides for some. Yamaha has been constantly giving this bike updates and has also made it BS-6 compliant.



#7 Royal Enfield Himalayan





One of the most popular adventures touring motorcycles from Royal Enfield, this can be used both in the city whereas for occasional getaways in the hills or any other destination. It was launched way back in early 2016, and has the go-anywhere capability. Many riders might take a little time to get used to the high seating position and other unusual settings but that is not an issue. Received a mild facelift in 2020 and now it is even BS6 compliant. Even our personal favorite.




#8 Bajaj Avenger







The most affordable cruiser bike in India from Bajaj, the Bajaj Avenger  has also been on the wishlist for so many people. What differentiates this bike from the rest, is the fact it belongs to the cruiser segment and the seating position it commands. Comes in two engine variants which are the 150cc and the 220cc.



#9 Hero HF Deluxe





Another economical and easy to maintain bike from Hero, this one is for those who do not wish to buy the Splendor for any reason. They can look at the HF deluxe as it offers the same engine configurations and same power output figures. One of the highest selling bikes in India and comes with the reliability of HERO.



#10 Honda CB Shine 125




Easily one of the best choices in the 125cc segments of motorcycles if you want a motorcycle that has adequate performance and great looks. Comes with the reliability of Honda which has been successful in providing great after-sales support. The Honda Shine will also give you great fuel efficiency figures.



#11 Jawa Yezdi


Although a discontinued bike, The Jawa Yezdi was sensation back in the days when there were no Japanese manufacturers in the Indian two-wheeler segment (in the 60’s and early 90’s). Those were the times when manufacturers like Royal Enfield, Rajdoot and Jawa use to rule the two-wheeler segment in India. The Yezdi had a 248.50cc Air cooled 2 stroke engine which produced peak torque of 2.1 kgm @3500 RPM and maximum power od 13 BHP @ 4750 RPM. More than the engine performance, it was the solid looks of the bike and the exhaust sound which attracted customers.  The Yezdi was offered in 3 variants which were, Road King, D-250 & D-250 classic.


#12 TVS Apache








The Apache has been one of the most successful products for TVS in India and it has been giving tough competition to the Bajaj Pulsar for a very long time. The TVS Apache also comes in different engine options like the Pulsar and is BS-6 compliant. The best variant of the TVS Apache currently on sale which we feel is the RTR 160 4V. With its BS6 update, this bike now gets a new headlamp set up with a dual pod LED set up. Although the power figures have gone slightly down after the BS6 update, it still is one of the most value-for-money product.



#13 Yamaha FZ







The Yamaha FZ is a great 150cc bike that helped Yamaha in increasing its shares in the Indian motorcycle segment when it was launched way back in 2008. It has the naked sports bike look to it which attracts eyeballs and makes for a key selling point. Powered by a 149cc, fuel-injected engine which is now BS6 compliant, it produces 12.2BHP & 13.6 Nm of power and torque respectively.


#14 Bajaj Platina





Bajaj’s answer to the 100cc bike segment, The Bajaj Platina is an entry-level bike powered by a 102cc BS6 engine. The same engine is also shared with the Bajaj CT 100. The Bajaj Platina still proves to be a great choice for someone who is looking to buy a reliable, easy to maintain, and low maintenance bike.



#15 Hero Passion Pro





One of the oldest and most popular  motorcycles in the Indian Market, The Hero Passion Pro is a great 110cc commuter motorcycle. Hero has given it numerous facelifts over the years to keep it updated, and it is a great choice for those who are looking for an economical, reliable, and hassle-free bike with great looks. Service and availability of parts have never been an issue for Hero bikes and this one is no different. Will return you around 60KMPL depending on your driving style.



#Special Mention


But one of the most desirable bikes which even has a special place in many peoples’ heart today and we have saved that till here is the Yamaha RX-100. Produced between 1985-1996, this beast was powered by a 98cc 2 stroke engine which churned out 11 BHP! and 10.39 NM torque and had a 4-speed gearbox. The power figures were surreal for a 98cc bike back then, and it easily became the preferred bike for racing and even for a layman for daily commutes at that time. And the different exhaust sound was something which was completely a joy to an enthusiasts’ ears and by hearing to the exhaust you couldn’t mistake it for anything else. We really wish we get something as iconic as this beast in today’s day and age. And we really urge you, if you haven’t ridden one yet, we highly recommend you to do so if you ever get a chance.     



With this, we come to end to this article where we have talked about the 15 most popular bikes of all time in India. If you feel we have missed any bike, do let us know in the comments section below, as we would love to hear your feedback. You can read more of our informative articles here.


We wish to see you again in yet another information-filled article, till then stay safe, stay indoors.




Picture Courtesy : Official websites of Bajaj, KTM, Royal Enfield, Hero, Yamaha & Suzuki.

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