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Hero E-Maestro: What to expect


With major auto manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz announcing that their whole line-up of cars would be going fully electric by the end of this decade, we all know that the future of automobiles is electric rather than the ideal IC combustion which we have been used to before among both two & four wheelers. So, with this major upgrade in the industry, we would be seeing a lot of changes in cars and bikes and our whole perspective towards mobility could change. Slowly and steadily two-wheeler manufacturers are also introducing the electric variants of their vehicles and the infrastructure is also being set up. In India, it could take quite some time to reach that level of infrastructure, but the starting of this new era for the automobile industry has begun. With major companies going electric and the future being totally electric, it is sad to say that the coming generation will not be able to experience the adrenaline rush an IC engine offers. Well, we will leave that discussion of the various advantages & disadvantages of this move to some other day,


Talking about the electric mobility scenario in the two-wheeler space, there has not been much action with only a few launches like the Bajaj Chetak electric, Revolt RV400, or the TVS iqube but soon Hero is going to launch a slew of electric vehicles, one of which we would be discussing today, and it is the Hero E-Maestro!



Hello two-wheeler enthusiasts and readers at MotorBhai! We welcome you all to yet another article of our “Upcoming bikes 2021” section in which we would be discussing one of the hottest and most awaited upcoming bikes & scooters which would be launching in India soon. And today we are discussing the all-electric E Maestro by not only India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer but also the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer which is none other than Hero Moto Corp.


Talking about the Hero E Maestro, it is no surprise by the name itself that it would be based on the original Maestro 110 and will share the same chassis and suspension setup. But well, where the main difference lies is the electric motors instead of the usual petrol engine.




  • Expect the E-Maestro to be similar in terms of styling  to the outgoing model as shown above with some minor changes.


Battery and other Specifications

Currently, nothing is confirmed as of now, about the battery, range and other specifications of the scooter, and everything would be disclosed by Hero at the time of its launch. But if leaks are to be believed, it would get a lithium-ion battery, combined with a powerful magnetic motor along with cloud connected insight. Expect the dimension and suspension setup to remain the same as the Hero Maestro 110 with some minor tweaks.

Electric car concept running on the road.



Some features which would help the E Maestro differentiate from its sibling the E Maestro are the golden finished alloy wheels and suspension setup, fully digital instrumental cluster and it also gets a front fork slider. The riding modes like reverse, neutral, and drive can be changed from the left handlebar itself and is a cool feature. Well yes, you read it right this scooter is going to get a reverse mode as well! After manufacturing it in India, the Maestro will be exported to various overseas markets as well.



The Hero Maestro could harm the sales of some of the electric scooters in the market presently like the TVS iQUBE, Ather 450 & the Bajaj Chetak EV. These would be the direct rivals to the Hero E Maestro.


Launch Date

Currently the scooter is in its final stages of testing and would be launched by Hero by September this year if all goes well.



Expect the pricing of the Hero E Maestro to be close ₹1 lakh Ex-showroom, or even lesser to this depending on if Hero offers different variants with this electric scooter. Well, this is a Hero product after all, and the pricing is sure to be competitive! 😉


So! What do you think of the Hero E Maestro and the electric mobility? Mention your honest opinions in the comments section below and tell us would you choose over its rivals or not and if you would miss the IC engine. We will see you in yet another article at MotorBhai soon and do watch out for this space as there are a lot of launches that are planned for this year!

We would like to end this article here, till then stay safe & ride safe!






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