What are bank seized vehicles. How can you get them at a good price?

All of us need a vehicle at some point of time in our lives to help us with our daily chores, be it traveling to offices, transporting things, or for any other purposes, the list is endless. While many of us are fortunate enough to afford a vehicle (be it a four or two-wheeler), not everyone is lucky enough. When someone does not have the complete amount to pay to buy a car or bike, taking a loan for the remaining amount from the bank seems the best option, as it becomes much more affordable.

However, many people are not able to pay back the loans due to any of their financial or personal reasons. Then after repeated warnings and reminders, the bank takes over & seizes their vehicles. These vehicles are referred to as bank seized vehicles. Although you are also given 30 days for repayment of dues and if the loan is regularized, the vehicle is released.


Now when a bank seizes vehicles, they end up having their own lot of cars and bikes whose owners could not pay their respective loans and these vehicles also require maintenance and space which also cost a certain amount of money. So, the bank also tries to sell these vehicles in auctions to get some amount. Sometimes the banks have their own websites where they list these vehicles to sell them off.


Now to some people, buying bank seized vehicles might seem the right decision as you can get those vehicles at a very less price comparatively, and here are some ways from which you can get bank seized vehicles at a good price.


  • Talking to the manager and having a great bond with other senior employees from the bank could help you get a great deal on the vehicles.

  • Usually, these vehicles are sold at auctions, so you can take part in them as early as possible and bid the value and lock them.


  • You should obviously have good bargaining skills which would help you get a lower price for the vehicle, also you must take someone, who is experienced in this field for a better price.


  • Usually, second-hand dealers buy these vehicles, and some sell them at a good price, so you can later contact them for a sweet deal. One of which is MotorBhai. Going through their website, you will see that they have listings of vehicles that are available, with their complete history and mechanics checked. And you’ll also get access to online auctioning and availability of the vehicles at really low rates.

Well with this we would like to end this short article here, we hope this information would have been helpful to you. Do mention your views and experiences if you had any, regarding bank-seized vehicles. We would see you in yet another article soon. Till then stay safe, & ride safe!

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