Why you should not exchange your old two-wheeler with new two-wheeler dealership.

Have you ever came in a situation when a dealer might have asked you to sell your two-wheeler to them while buying a new vehicle from them for better deals and hefty discounts? Well, in that case, you are lucky enough if you did not sell them your two-wheeler. In today’s article, we will tell you why. A very warm welcome to all the guys and girls reading this article from MOTORBHAI. We hope you are doing fine and are in the best of your health. We welcome you all to yet another information-filled article in which we would be explaining to you, why you should not exchange your old two-wheeler with the new two-wheeler dealership!


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  1. If you are exchanging your two-wheeler with a dealer you are bound to buy a new two-wheeler from them only, due to which you are not left with many choices to choose from other than that of that brand.


  1. Moreover, they will not give you the total amount of your old vehicle in cash but will add it up for discounts for your new two-wheeler. You should always check if the discounts which they are offering if it is equivalent to the selling price of your vehicle or not. In our point of view, getting the total amount in cash for the value of your old vehicle holds better value. Moreover, it is always not mandatory that you are in the need of a new two-wheeler while you are selling your old two-wheeler.


  1. If you have the zest to buy an old vehicle like Yamaha RX-100 or a Royal Enfield Classic which have been discontinued, you cannot avail them even on exchange. As you will always get an upgraded version of the model from the dealership or they are discontinued. In this case, you can surely look in the second-hand two-wheeler market for the model from a trusted and genuine source. You can check out MOTORBHAI.COM for the same, for our wide range of second-hand two-wheelers at the best prices with complete insurance and all mechanical aspects checked by professionals.


  1. To avoid mediators in between the dealing, as they also charge some tax for their work for finding a seller.


With this, we hope you have liked this short informative article on why you should not be selling your old two-wheeler to the same dealership from where you are buying a new two-wheeler. If you feel we have missed out on any crucial point or you would like to add some points, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below, as your feedback is very important for us.

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